Welcome to the Pre-Prep

Swanbourne House considers each child to be a unique individual and develops their confidence through the growth of a wealth of new skills.

We cater for your child’s social, emotional, moral and spiritual well-being, in a stimulating and creative environment. In all their endeavours children are supported by a dedicated and experienced staff that have their pastoral as well as their academic enhancement at the core of their teaching. They work as a close team within each year group to plan the structure of all activities carefully, in order to develop the children’s self-confidence and nurture an enjoyment of lifelong learning. New and long lasting friendships are formed as well as respect for the people around them as all children are engaged in active and often practical lessons both in and out of doors taking full advantage of our beautiful surroundings.

Our small class sizes and the fact that all our pupils have opportunities in sports, art, drama and music mean that each and every pupil experiences a wealth of varied and enriching activities that complement their academic studies. It enables us to give individual support and attention to children and in so doing we develop their independence by establishing the basic building blocks of literacy and numeracy, the encouragement of imagination through a range of cross curricular topics and through constructive play and role-play. The children develop their fine and gross motor skills through art and craft and a wide variety of physical activities. 

The safety, happiness and care of the children in the Nursery and Pre-Prep are paramount. Communication between parent and teacher is essential and encouraged through informal conversation at the end of the day, face to face meetings, notes in the home school contact book or telephone communication. It is most important to us that the children feel safe and secure in their environment.

Choosing the right school for your child, especially in the early stages of their education, is vital if they are to grow up to be rounded and confident adults. Our pupils move on knowing their strengths and talents but also knowing how to achieve in the areas that they find more challenging. We work in partnership with you, our parents, so that each of the pupils in our care throughout this phase feel supported, nurtured and valued.