Welcome from the Boarding Houseparents

We Love Boarding! from Swanbourne House on Vimeo.

Welcome to boarding at Swanbourne House, the only co-ed prep school that offers full boarding in Buckinghamshire. Mrs Jo Talkington Kirk Head of Boardingand oversees the running of the Boarding House and its team, making sure all the boarders are well looked after.

As a preparatory school, one of our primary aims is to prepare children for the transition and progression to their public schools and our full boarding ethos and culture is present throughout all school life. As the majority of the schools we feed to are boarding schools, part of the preparation is helping the children to settle into a boarding routine that will ease the transition. You may rest assured that your child will leave Swanbourne well prepared, having spent their time at school mixing with peers following the same path.

As Heaad of Boarding Mrs Talkington places great emphasis on the "parent" part of her role and, like parents, is available and in contact with the children every day of the week. 

The Boarding House has children from local, national and international backgrounds and from the Services, Foreign Office and ‘ex-pat’ families. Children can decide to board from the 7s upwards, thought they normally begin in the 8s and 9s (year 4 and 5).

The school strongly encourages boarding during the children’s top two years at Swanbourne House, especially if they are moving on to a boarding school. However, most of the pupils in the senior years board because they enjoy the live-in learning and all of the activities on offer.

Any child who stays with us is as much a part of the boarding family as every other child and that is a fundamental cornerstone of our boarding provision. Swanbourne House was originally built as a family home and the house lends itself completely to the style of family boarding that is experienced by the children here. To enquire into availability in the boarding house, please email Mrs Talkngton boarding@swanbourne.org

You can keep in touch with the Boarding House on Twitter.

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated as top of the "Great for boarding" category in The Week's Independent Schools Guide "Best of the best preps" ratings.