Types of Boarding

Full boarding

These pupils will arrive at the beginning of term, spending the weekends in term time in school. Full boarders take part in activities and trips on Sundays and will only leave school during exeats and school holidays.

Weekly boarding

Pupils who are weekly boarders will arrive in the boarding house on a Sunday evening or Monday morning each week. They will be part of the full timetable of school life and boarding throughout the week, going home on Saturday after matches. If your child is going to board at senior school, then the experience of being a weekly boarder in their final year at Swanbourne House is very beneficial.

Flexi boarding

The flexi option is taken when a child would like to regularly board but for only 1, 2 or 3 nights a week. We ask that these nights are the same each week, and not changed throughout the term. Both full, weekly, and flexi boarders benefit from the stable structure of boarders knowing when they are boarding and who is in which dorm each night.

Ad hoc boarding is offered, though due to demand we cannot guarantee your child a bed in the house through this system. The earlier we are notified of these requests the better.

Children can board from as a young as the 7s (Year 3) but most begin boarding in the 8s (Year 4) or 9s (Year 5). To request a place in the boarding house please e-mail boarding@swanbourne.org.

Please have a read of our handbooks, they provide more information about boarding for pupils and their parents.