Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarships are designed to reward excellence and celebrate talent, and are ideal for children who would wish to prepare for 13+ entry to Public School. Scholarships are offered each year for children in 10s (Year 6) who will complete the top two years with us and display a special ability or promise in one or more of the following fields: academic, music, sport, art, drama or DT. The interviews and assessments for candidates take place in January each year.

Provided that the Head is satisfied with the child's achievement and conduct, the scholarship is tenable for the final two years of the pupil's career at Swanbourne House.

Prospective parents, considering entering their child for a scholarship, are warmly invited to telephone the School Office for an appointment to view the School prior to the preliminary tests.

Please note that these awards are not intended for pupils already attending the senior department of other IAPS schools, and candidates from such schools will only be accepted with their present school's approval.


Swanbourne House recognises the significant sacrifice that many parents make to enable their children to benefit from an independent school education.  Bursaries are primarily intended to be applied for in conjunction with scholarship awards in order to seek further reduction in core school fees. Those who wish to apply for financial assistance should first complete our registration process.  Once complete you will be requested to complete a confidential statement of financial circumstances.  The completed application, together with the supporting evidence, is reviewed by a specialist third party, Bursary Administration Limited, who will contact parents to arrange a home visit and to discuss the application in detail with them.  Bursary Administration Limited provide a confidential assessment of financial capability to the School which is considered as part of the overall decision making process by the School.

We are also very aware that some current parents may face temporary or longer-term difficulties paying fees due to changes in the economic climate.  As long as we are given early and prompt notification of an issue, we undertake to work closely with the family to support them to manage their fee payments and thereby ensure their children's continued education at Swanbourne House. 

We review all bursaries annually so that we keep abreast of changes in circumstances and to ensure the money is targeted appropriately. 

If you would like to discuss bursaries informally, please arrange for an appointment with the Business Manager.