Principles and Practices

Mission Statement: The Swanbourne House boarding community aims to create a safe, supportive and fun environment for the children in order for them to develop into caring, independent, confident individuals able to thrive socially and academically. 

Boarding Aims
Boarding life must consider the overall interests and welfare of the children in the Boarding House and, where any conflict of interests may arise, it must be resolved on the basis that the interests of the children or child must prevail.  This overall philosophy may be divided into three principal policy areas.

Short-Term Aims
To provide a high level of domestic, academic and pastoral support for all children who board, allowing them to develop important personal skills.  This aim makes no distinction between boarders of any gender nor does it consider the frequency with which any child boards.  The most important part of this aim is to provide children with the right environment so that they can develop the following personal skills: Co-operation, Tolerance, Compromise, Self-discipline, Responsibility, Leadership, Selfless Behaviour, Community, Spirit, Respect, Empathy, Understanding and Trust.

Medium-Term Aims
To ensure that high levels of General Services, academic and pastoral support are consistently maintained and monitored.  This aim ensures that the quality of care is consistently applied to all throughout their time as a boarder with appropriate support, training and induction of Staff.  It also ensures that all infrastructure and General Service arrangements and routines are monitored to ensure the maintenance of high standards of comfort, safety and domestic care of the children.

Long-Term Aims
The working relationship between the school, parents and children with regard to boarding is positive, open and preparatory in order to build a sound foundation of parental support for boarding generally and at Swanbourne House School specifically.  This aim provides two key links within the boarding aims overall. Parental confidence in boarding at Swanbourne House will only be realised if the medium and short-term aims are fully delivered.