Music, Dance and Drama

At Swanbourne House, we strongly believe that it is important for all children to be able to experience the joy of practical music-making from an early age and, as such, we try to ensure children in the 3s - 6s have the opportunity to be taught by a specialist music teacher.

Structured music lessons are provided by a music specialist from the moment they start in the 3s, where the children learn to control sounds made by the voice; this is developed further in the 4s as they investigate a variety of ways to create music. Throughout the 5s and 6s children have the opportunity to come to the Prep School Music Department and make the most of the specialist facilities on offer, including the full range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, enabling them to compose and experience practical music-making first hand. Children then have the opportunity to start learning to play an instrument when they join the Prep school in the 7s and we organise demonstration lessons for the majority of instruments during the Summer Term for children in the 6s. Music of course plays a large part in so much else that the children do throughout the school year and the Music Department works closely with Pre-Prep staff to ensure that events such as the Nativity plays are always of a high standard. Our over-riding aim is to ensure that children develop a life-long love of music, in all its forms.

Children in the 3s - 6s have many opportunities to experience performing and all take part in a showcase and/or concert to parents each year. They also have a whole school Nativity production at the end of the Christmas term in which all children, from the 3s to the 6s, take part.

3s - 6s children can also join Pepperpot Perfect and Ballet which are the Dance and Drama clubs offered through our activities programme. Pepperpot Perfect aims to develop listening, communication and presentation skills. Children are taught how to speak and perform with confidence and clarity through activities such as meet and greet and poetry readings. Children in the Pre-Prep can also choose to sign up for Ballet lessons from the 4s which are taught by a specialist from Dancebox Studios. Both of these clubs are very popular with both boys and girls.