Swanbourne House follows the areas of learning set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We believe that through play and a balance of structured activities, children can practise skills and come to understand and make sense of the world around them. Our 3s is a unique place where play is valued and where our pupils have fun and learn through exciting and challenging experiences.

The core curriculum for the children in the 4s (Reception) is the Foundation Stage Framework, with additional learning and experiences that go far beyond this. Each child has an individualised reading programme and progress in numeracy and literacy is supported by practical tasks. Children are taught by specialist staff in Music and PE including swimming in the summer term.

Children in the 5s and 6s (Year 1 and 2) cover a wide variety of curriculum areas. As the children develop, we foster their skills in reading, language and number work to provide a secure basis for later development. We introduce our children to science by exploring a variety of living things and materials in the environment and by stimulating curiosity and an enquiring approach. Both as individuals and as part of a group, the children explore their physical capabilities through our provision for experience in gymnastics, athletics, games and swimming taught by specialist staff and using the full facilities of Swanbourne House School. The children are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways, though emergent and creative writing, through art, DT and their daily work. The classroom walls are festooned with the wonderful artwork that has been produced by the children in each year group. Writing, speaking and listening are encouraged through everyday language, literature and Drama while reading continues on a daily one-to-one basis.