Learning Support

The aim of the Learning Support Department at Swanbourne House is to be integral and cross-curricular and provide caring and expert support so that all pupils admitted to the school and whose needs we are able to meet can reach their full educational potential, improve their self-esteem and be prepared for life beyond Swanbourne House.

Our small team of dedicated support teachers are largely dyslexia specialists but also have additional expertise to put in place a holistic approach to support children with a wide range of needs including EAL.  On entry to the school pupils are screened and any concerns are highlighted at an early stage.  Thereafter annual assessments are undertaken and pupils’ progress is closely monitored, so that any pupil falling behind can be quickly identified and given appropriate additional support. This support may be given via 1:1 lessons, shared lessons or in small groups. 

Initial assessments can take place in-house but on other occasions we may refer parents to seek external advice from trusted professionals, such as Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. External reports are then summarised and the information is shared with all staff, so that appropriate individualised differentiation can be put in place in the classroom.

The Learning Support Department works most closely with the English and Maths departments to boost key literacy and numeracy skills but also with a pupil’s personal tutor, the pastoral leadership team, and if appropriate the boarding staff, to ensure support across the wider school community.

When planning a pupil’s individualised support plan, close and regular communication with parents is essential and this happens regularly through informal meetings, formal bi-annual progress review meetings, annual Parents' Evenings, written Individual Education Support Plans and end of term reports.