House System

The well-established House system is a hugely popular and dynamic part of school life. All pupils from the 7s to Top Year are allocated a place in one of our four Houses (Cottesloe, Evans, Jameson and Stanley-Price) which are led by a designated Housemistress or Housemaster and an assistant.

Competitions run on a termly basis, with points being accrued throughout each term. The winning House at the end of each term wins and organises a League Feast – a formal meal to which the whole House, staff and guests are invited. So far this term, we have had the following competitions: House Conker, House Singing, House Dance, House Drama, House Bake Off, House Stars and House General Knowledge. 

During October our House Performing Arts week took place and featured House competitions in Singing, Dance and Drama. Performers in the House Dance competition, known as ‘Strictly Swanbourne’, impressed with their choreography, creativity and confidence. Evans won with a truly outstanding contemporary routine to 'In the Name of Love'. In the House Singing Competition, all four Houses had to perform two songs, one set song (‘Greatest Day’ by Take That) and one own choice song. Such events display the many varied talents of our pupils and show how they can work together and support each other so positively.

Housemasters and Housemistresses

Cottesloe - Mr Wright

Evans - Mr Licqurish

Jameson - Mrs Kirk

Stanley-Price - Mr Kirk